Midsize Trucks

The mid-size trucks, also called pickup truck, are used to haul a smaller load along with having some room for carrying passengers. These trucks are meant for people who do not need the full hauling capability of a full sized truck but are looking for a vehicle with more than a compact truck’s ability. These trucks are sometimes called sports utility trucks or crossover trucks. They combine the characteristics of an SUV with a pickup truck expressly for the buyers that are looking for a bit of both.

The midsize trucks were first introduced in the automobile market in 1987 by the truck giant, Dodge. The first of such trucks was called the Dodge Dakota. The mid-size trucks are larger in size and cargo carrying capability than the compact trucks. You can haul as much as 800 kg in the rear of these medium-size trucks at one time. The older models of these trucks normally had V6 engines however, the newer versions come with V8 engines, generating as much as 230 hp of power. This engine can propel your vehicle to dazzling speeds of 150 mph even with a cargo load included.

Before buying, research the available midsize trucks. You need to assess the performance, features and price tag of each vehicle by reading the reviews on the internet. You might also want to check out other features specifically required by you such as: transmission choice, cargo carrying abilities, fuel efficiency, maximum seating capability and towing capacity. You can also visit the carmakers websites and read various reviews in magazines. Also, do not forget to check the safety ratings given to the vehicle by the government vehicle safety authorities. You can compare the reviews from magazines, newspapers and manufacturer’s websites as well. After performing the research, you can decide which models you prefer. Eliminate the expensive vehicles or those that do not provide sufficient seating or do not satisfy some other requirements needed for your family. Remember to then research the insurance costs for the shortlisted midsize trucks. Get quotes from the agents or from the internet sites. Do not forget to test drive the shortlisted vehicles from the local dealership to experience the handling and maneuverability of each.

2012 Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Colorado

Colorado is a midsize pickup truck and is a utilitarian and competent vehicle. The Colorado is a decent truck and buyers are willing to purchase it because of its reasonable price tag. If you are not looking for a fancy utility vehicle, you will find that the Colorado is a suitable choice. You can obtain the upgraded 4WD system as a standard feature on the 2LT or 3LT models. The manual transmission ceases to exist on these editions.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

This is another midsize pickup truck from Toyota and widely regarded as the best in the lot. You cannot call any truck in the midsize truck segment “luxurious” by any stretch. However, the Tacoma is a well-created vehicle and has features that are simple to use. The 2012 Tacoma comes with a new appearance and high tech features. It is equipped with Toyota’s latest Entune voice command system for the infotainment package. This is the sportiest midsize truck out there. It also comes with an off road package called TRD and is reasonably capable on rough terrains as well. This is a lightweight and nimble truck.