Midsize SUV

The mid-size SUV is a utility vehicle, which comes with slightly less engine capabilities than the normal SUV. The piston displacement is normally between 2000 cc to 3000 cc and some of them do not have 4WD. These SUVs are generally less expensive than the conventional large SUVs. They perform better than the larger vehicles in terms of fuel mileage and cost less in maintenance. City dwellers who use the midsize SUVs are constantly on the lookout for power and comfort, in addition to the other regular features which make the vehicle easy and less costly to maintain. Almost all of the leading carmakers of today make a range of mid-size SUVs. Most of these vehicles, which are in close competition to each other, feature the best of comfort and technology, and at the same time, come at a reasonable price tag.

While looking for the best midsize SUV for your family, you must consider two aspects. First, decide what you need from the SUV and for how long you are likely to use it. It is the requirements and the budget of every family or a car buyer that will decide the right choice of vehicle. You also need to remember where you are more likely to drive the vehicle: in the city or on the highway. How many passengers are you likely to transport at a time? How much space will you need for luggage? Once you have decided these things than the rest of the procedure becomes a little easier.

Evaluating the difference between a normal SUV and a midsize SUV will help a prospective car buyer decide which vehicle will suit his needs best. Most people describe the intermediate SUV as a mid-size SUV. Therefore, when looking at specifications, consider them the same. A full size SUV is called a standard SUV. The main and most obvious difference between the full sized SUV and a midsized one is the smaller size. Due to a smaller sized vehicle, you are forced to give up some of the seating capacity. However, reduction in size will also lead to better fuel mileage than the larger standard SUVs. These smaller midsize SUVs offer a combination of durability, power and speed but they typically lack the towing capacity of the standard ones. Therefore, if you do not need large towing power, these smaller SUVs will suit your requirements just fine.

The midsize SUV slowly replaced the sedans and the family minivans during the 1990s. Very few models of the mid-sized SUVs were created in the beginning. However the number has risen to more than 35 models now available. It is also a proven fact that the midsized SUVs are more reliable than minivans and sedans on off-road conditions. Just the sheer versatility of these mid-size SUVs in both on and off-road conditions provides them with an edge over their competitors. If your family is an average size, it is also more convenient to utilize the midsized SUVs than the larger ones. These vehicles are also far easier to maneuver and also provide greater off-road capabilities.

You can also buy a used mid-size SUV that provides all the features and benefits of the newer models at far lesser cost. You can find a large number of previously owned mid-size SUVs nowadays coming with good resell value, safety features and high reliability. Some of the best mid-size SUVs that come highly recommended include: the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Santa Fe, Acura MDX and Mitsubishi Outlander etc.

2012 Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg

This midsized SUV was redesigned for the year 2011. The VW vehicle comes with sharp looking new exteriors, a comfortable, roomy and luxurious cabin, and a hybrid model. The base model of the Touareg was questioned by users, but the hybrid model was loved by all. The hybrid model achieves 21 mpg in the cities and 25 mpg on highways. Consequently, this is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in its class. The transition from power to gas and vice versa is smooth. The vehicle gives good handling as well. The clean diesel model that is offered is also very nice and well worth the extra cost. The Touareg comes with a base price of around $41,000 and this makes it one of the most economical midsized SUVs in the segment. Even the higher end models are more affordable than its competitors. Despite the lower price of the base model, the diesel and the hybrid models are more popular.

The previous versions of the Touareg were weak in terms of power. However, since the elimination of the permanent 4WD system, you can now obtain an 8-speed automatic transmission, which provides stronger acceleration to all the VW Touareg models. The Touareg comes with excellent interior and exterior styling and delivers a solid performance.